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Our Shopify app is designed to help you grow your business and improve your customer experience.

Shopify has transformed online shopping, and WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for over 2 billion people. Yet, the full potential of integrating these two platforms remains largely untapped.
As global e-commerce grows, consumer behavior is increasingly favoring messaging platforms over traditional web browsing. DiscoCrate recognizes this shift and enables Shopify merchants to send automatic "back in stock" notifications via WhatsApp. This approach not only engages customers on their preferred platform but also achieves higher conversion rates than email or SMS, driving increased sales and capturing potentially lost revenue.
Developed by Sebastian Swaczynski, a former WhatsApp employee, DiscoCrate leverages advanced messaging technology to enhance e-commerce engagement. The app streamlines customer interactions, promptly informs shoppers about restocked items, and significantly boosts sales with its superior conversion rates, thereby improving the shopping experience and building customer loyalty.